Gold, and some silver

The December afternoon light in southern France is pure gold. You don’t believe me? Take a look and then tell me if I’m wrong.

There was certainly very little excitement during the hour-long walk this afternoon on the road from Vinsobres to Venterol (I walked only a very small part of the 8 kilometers, it takes time to take a walk with a camera in your hand when there are photo opportunities all around you all the time):

  • I met one car with a wild driver trying his best to splash as much water and mud as possible from the only puddle on the road
  • I met one “utility car” from the commune with a smiling driver behind the wheel
  • Then there were two more cars, one in each direction
  • I met a man on a scooter
  • I met two very friendly ladies who wished me luck with my photos
  • I heard a dog barking furiously from a distance. As I approached I saw a very friendly-looking tail-wagging little creature behind a fence. I would have liked to make friends with him/her, but the fence was in the way.

As I turned around to stroll back, a silvery tint blended with the gold.

It was a meditative walk.

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