On the beach

Although I love warm weather, the sun and the beach, I very soon get bored and restless if I just lie still sunbathing. Luckily there are usually many things to do and interesting things to observe around you. In Goa, on Mandrem Beach, you can:

  • take an early morning walk along the beach and watch the light morning haze slowly disappear
  • watch the fishermen preparing their nets
  • have your legs threaded – this means having them shaved with a thread (I didn’t dare though)
  • look at the ever-present dogs frolicking in the sand
  • admire the flowers that propagate over the sand before the sand stretch becomes a beach
  • contemplate the impact of the waves on a recently built sand castle. If your restlessness is severe, I would suggest that you build the castle yourself. I just used an already existing one for my reveries.
  • meet handsome Julia, one of the ladies selling clothes (nice stuff!) on the beach. Or if she isn’t on the beach, take a break and go to her shop for a chat. Warning: this may lead to some shopping!
  • watch the sun set.

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