How to maximise the number of insect bites

Over the past few weeks I have found the perfect recipe for maximising the number of insect bites. Here are my handy tips:

In the dark

Dress in shorts (or a skirt). At dusk, go to the countryside (for example in the Netherlands, but any country would do). When you have found a suitable spot, crawl on the ground, flicker a small torch in all directions and make sure you stay outside until it’s really dark.


In daylight

Dress in shorts and a tank top and make sure to wear open sandals (no socks!). Go to the countryside, near you or make a little excursion. Upon arrival, kneel and crawl on the ground, paying attention only to the beautiful vegetation.




Cranes, containers, docks, old ports, new port, water taxis, one windmill, water, wind and fast-moving clouds. And the Erasmus bridge. To do the almost compulsory tourist tour of the port (rather a small part of the port) I chose not a suitable time, but a time when I could be a passenger on the boat named “Abel Tasman”. It sounds romantic (although his life in all likelihood was far from such a description) and why travel on a vessel named after a very well-known Venetian (you know who I mean) when you have the choice of one that bears the name of a lesser-known seafarer from the countryside in northern Netherlands?

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