Little princesses in town

It was late afternoon in Delhi. I had arrived in India just a few hours ago but decided to do something useful in spite of a sleepless night in the air. Qutub Minar wasn’t so far away, so it seemed a suitable destination.

Among the numerous Indian tourists was a group of school girls.

As you can see, a couple of them are gazing towards the sky. This is what they saw:

As I was strolling around, I came across this serious little girl, posing in her best outfit:

The light turned golden, and the already beautiful ornaments became even more impressive.

Unfortunately the magic disappeared when I tried to get a tuk-tuk to go back to the very pleasant bed & breakfast I was staying in, Aashiyan. A horde of loud drivers flocked around me, like moths around a candle. They all seemed to aim at giving me the worst price, not the best. I had taken a taxi to get there so I had an idea of a reasonable price, but these drivers’ “offers” were four or even five times higher. Sigh. It was getting dark, I was very tired so in the end I gave in and paid an outrageous sum. I wasn’t even taken all the way to my destination so I also had the pleasure of getting lost, asking a great number of people about the way. In the end I got there and was greeted with a cup of masala chai. I was happy again.

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