A snake in paradise

What a lovely relaxed afternoon it was! I was reading a little on the veranda, sorting a few photos and from time to time looking up to admire the surroundings. An elderly couple had rice fields that extended into the hotel grounds, and they were busy as always.

All of a sudden there was some commotion, the couple stopped working and two hotel boys came running, equipped with a bag and a broom. Ah, I thought, there must be a snake. Normally I’m simply petrified of snakes, I can’t even look at a photo, but now, as one of the boys held a two meter long python just a few meters from where I as sitting, I just found it interesting. I didn’t get my camera out though, and I’m glad I didn’t, since I might have been scared of looking at the photo!

The boys put the python in a bag and walked away with it, I suppose they let it out at a safe distance from the working couple and us hotel guests.

This happened in Munduk, Bali.

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