Wine, people and song

On an average day, about 2 people or so pass by in our street in Mirabel-aux-Baronnies. On 15 August this number grew tremendously: at least 75 people, some with dogs (I know, because the visiting dogs caught the attention of the neighbouring resident dogs), strolled up or down the 50 metres of narrow path. Now why?? The yearly Village Fête, of course: day-long festivities with flea market stands all over the village, wine tasting, band music, food stalls and more wine tasting.

Our neighbour tried to sell her very nice santons (traditional Provençal figures for Christmas cribs, see photo above), but there was no interest at all in those. Old, possibly scratched, LP albums fared better, and I saw a lady happily trying on one of those hippie sheepskin vests that were popular in the 60s, in spite of the doubtful state of cleanliness of said vest.

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