And life goes on

The ferocious fire stopped just a couple of metres, yes, a few metres, from Seillons-Source d’Argens, a peaceful village in Provence. I passed two weeks after the flames had licked its outskirts and you could still smell the smoke.

However, life went on as usual and their little wine cooperative was open. They make one of my favourite rosés (which has been awarded with a prestigious medal, as you can perhaps see in the photo), and this was the reason for my visit to the area. My acquisitions gave me the right to some lottery tickets, and I won – after some cheating from the very friendly sales lady, I admit – a pair of sunglasses, colour pink, of course. By the way, the sales lady had to look up which grapes went into which wine, but when it came to recommending food and wine pairings, her equal is yet to be found.

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