Cranes, containers, docks, old ports, new port, water taxis, one windmill, water, wind and fast-moving clouds. And the Erasmus bridge. To do the almost compulsory tourist tour of the port (rather a small part of the port) I chose not a suitable time, but a time when I could be a passenger on the boat named “Abel Tasman”. It sounds romantic (although his life in all likelihood was far from such a description) and why travel on a vessel named after a very well-known Venetian (you know who I mean) when you have the choice of one that bears the name of a lesser-known seafarer from the countryside in northern Netherlands?

More things I saw can be found here:

LadyClementine’s Rotterdam


2 comments on “Waterworld”
  1. EE says:

    Snyggt! Både bildmässigt och textmässigt.


    1. LadyClementine's World says:

      Tack!! Hoppas inspirationen håller i sig 🙂


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