Have it raw!

“Are you having it raw?” I heard myself exclaim. I hardly meant it as a question since it was obvious that the girl who happened to be next me was biting into the ear of sweet corn she had just bought. It was Saturday market in the Santa Fe Railyard.

– “This sweet corn is fresh from the field, how many ears would you like, ma’am?”

– “But do you really eat it raw? Where I come from, in Europe, we always have to boil the corn.”

– “The ears you see here were all picked this morning. Put them in the fridge and they will keep for at least 3 days. So how many can I get you?”

I couldn’t resist this convincing man, plus I was getting hungry (it was almost lunch time), plus I was curious to try raw sweet corn. I decided to get six ears, and sure didn’t regret it. They provided great, crunchy lunch for three days in a row.  The stand is very modest-looking (see here below), but don’t let this fool you. Do get some sweet corn here and do have it raw!

Two colours were prominent in this colourful market: red and green. You guessed it right: chili peppers. Small, big, raw, roasted, for decoration, just take your pick!

The railyard isn’t only a market venue but also a real railyard. The train at the station matched the market in its colourful appearance.

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