The splash in the back

On a lovely warm Sunday afternoon in October last year I discovered the path that follows the coastline along the Cap d’Antibes peninsula on the French Riviera. 

I can’t remember why, but I turned around after a while. Maybe I was hungry, maybe I had forgotten to bring a water bottle, maybe I had something to do later in the afternoon.

On a lovely warm Friday afternoon in November, just a few days ago, I thought that I would take this lovely walk again. I was well prepared and had no intention to turn back this time but to do the full circuit.

Since there was hardly any wind at all I was surprised to see that the sea was a bit agitated. To my great delight the waves formed very photogenic spray when they hit the rocks along the beginning of the path.

As I continued walking the waves became a bit more violent and the splashes, spray and froth were fascinating to look at. I had a great time with my camera!

Time passed (I’m always very slow when walking with my camera) and the sea was getting rougher. I hadn’t had so much fun for a long time!

And ooops! A water hedge appeared next to me!

The path ahead was actually covered in water, I saw on closer inspection, an inspection which was abruptly interrupted:

Ok, I thought, after such a big wave there won’t be another one like that for a while, so there will be enough time to pass this wet part of the path. 

I was hit in the back by an enormous wave and thrown onto the rocks. Luckily I only hurt my leg a little. But of course I was totally soaked, my trainers were filled with water, my hair was dripping. The only thing to do was to get back to the car as fast as possible and go home. People I met were staring at me, probably thinking I had tried to have a swim with my clothes on.

So I didn’t make the full circuit this time either.

But what about the camera around my neck? Strangely enough it seemed ok at first sight, with only a few drops on it, so I felt quite relieved. But it isn’t ok. Salt water must have gotten into it after all. I’m heading to Uganda in two weeks time, it must be fixed by then.


Bus number 10

From downtown Antibes, take bus 10. After 10-15 minutes get off at the stop F. Léger in Biot. Don’t forget to say Merci, Au Revoir to the driver as you leave the bus (the locals all do). Then walk for about 3 minutes and you will find a lovely little museum, in a park, with works by Fernand Léger, including mosaics and stained-glass windows. If you plan on having lunch there, make sure you go to the little outdoor bar early as they may run out of sandwiches!

Then go back to the bus stop to take the bus all the way up to the village itself and find for instance this door that just sits high up on a wall and take a stroll before getting on the number 10 bus towards the coast again. And may I remind you to say Merci, Au revoir to the driver when you get off.


Along the Promenade des Anglais in Nice there are blue chairs where you can rest, have your picnic, reflect on life, view the sea, be romantic, read a book, write postcards (do people still do that?) or just sit. They are certainly more comfy than those here below that also adorn the famous Promenade.

As usual, there are people who prefer activity to relaxation and contemplation. It is not me you see up there though. I tend to fall into the other category, the Blue Chair people.